Complete Print Group

CPG has been producing
High Quality Litho Printing
for over 27 years


We have invested heavily in skilled craftsman, sophisticated technology, effective quality control procedures and strong project management. We have gained a renowned reputation for quality litho print coupled with high service levels.



Digital Printing provides a fast low cost alternative to litho and is particularly well suited to low volume, uncomplicated, cost effective print media.


Direct Mail

We provide a complete or part direct mail service tailored to individual campaigns. This includes printing, laser personalisation, automated or non – automated insertion, to cover a range of single and multiple match documents and generic or match mailings.



Our in house storage facility offers our client’s potential cost savings, greater convenience and increased control.



Our response handling and fulfilment services are available to look after all your insert requirements. From simple to complex insertions, we can respond quickly and efficiently.


Environmental Mission Statement

CPG has in force a policy committing the Company to conduct its business with respect and care for the environment.

The Company recognizes that world resources are not limitless and this, combined with the fact that all industrial processes, including printing, potentially cause the environment harm, is why the Company has made care of the environment a key element in all working practices, processes and operating methods. The Company accepts a responsibility of care for the environment and has put in place environmentally friendly measures, not just to comply with legislation, but where possible to better what is required.

The Company does not just pay lip service to environmental matters; it accepts that both manpower and financial resources have to be committed to improving and maintaining good environmental practices. We believe that dealing positively with environmental issues, along with health and safety must be an integral part of all business activities and will have the effect of strengthening our business.

We therefore have an on-going programme of action involving all employees in training and in the debate as how best to improve working practices ensuring a positive outlook towards the environment.

Key policy commitments are listed overleaf. In order to ensure the achievement of these commitments, CPG has implemented the environmental management system ISO 14001.

A copy of this policy is made available for viewing by the Public upon request.

For more information please contact us:

T: 01732 366666